About us - Introducion

Helga with Daimon and Buddy

Hello! My name is Helga and I live with my two Beardies Buddy and Daimon. We love being outdoors and take long walks or go jogging. Also we enjoy agility, trick dog or dog dance. For years I am seeking doing herding with my dogs. 2009 we got the chance to attend "all breed clinics". Together with Achim Weiss (†45) I established Working Bearded Collies Germany and became the 2nd member of the WBC community. It was a great experience when we started working on flock. If everything works fine we soon will pass the FCI-HWT.


Hannah with Ini, Juna and Kate

Hello, my name is Hannah Richter and I live with 3 Bearded Collies. Me and my dogs are having lots of fun (I was always dreaming of having a Bearded Collie - my dream came true). 2010 I tried herding the very first time, together with my oldest Beardie, Kate. Since it was really interesting and fun I decided to have my own flock. I own around 25 sheep for one year now. The youngest one, Juna, belongs to my parents. I am training her on flock since end of 2012 and we are very succesful. Our goal is to pass the HWT and go to trials. I give other Beardie owners the opportunity to train their dogs at my place in Iserlohn.

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